Bird Taxidermy Measurement Sheet – Standard


Bird Taxidermy Measurement Sheet Standard – Version: – March 2018 Version. How and Why I use the Measurement sheet is soon available. This is a Free Download see also Simple Version or if you feel you need a little more explanation check out my Bird Measurement Help Book 

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Bird Taxidermy Measurement Sheet Standard

Updated March 2018

Measurement Introduction Free Download

When I first started I was not taught to take any measurements, I know this was really bad and I soon realised I needed to take some. so started to use a very simple measurement sheet whilst this was OK for some time I found I needed more accurate measurements to help me improve. So I started taking more detailed measurements, when working on a bird I wanting the outcome to be a little more like mother nature intended.

Sometimes my list of details got a bit silly complex and took ages, whilst this was great as I learn a lot but it was also very species specific, and varied each time I studded a bird I also found I forgot a measurement. So I thought I would try and make something I could use on a daily basis and after quite some tweaking and lots of versions I am happy with my new Bird Measurement Sheet (for now) :-).

I feel the bird measurement sheet is pretty self-explanatory especially if you are an existing bird taxidermist.

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Bird Taxidermy Measurement Sheet Help Book

If you have problems understanding any area or feel you might benefit from seeing how and why I take these measurements take look at the Bird Taxidermy Measurement help Book  I just ask a small fee to help towards the time and cost of making this.