This is a Leopard I did on paper Mache rock. I would have been around 22 when I did this it  is a bind up no manikins to purchase when I did this one it also had a leg missing. it had an injury and the zoo vet had to amputate the front leg, one of the front pars was made from a section of skin from the under part of the leopards chest.

When I was younger I did lots of big cats around 250+ All were zoo fatalities I have never done a wild shot big cat but now with the modern legislation it is really hard to get a zoo fatality big cat, it is actually easier to get a big cat shot in the wild than get one that dies of old age in a UK zoo, that’s conservation progress for you. I have never and will never do a shot wild big cat just seems mad when thee are hundreds in zoos that die in captivity.