Peregrine Falcon chasing red grouse


Peregrine Falcon (Falco peregrinus)

This was my first competition win in 1992.  I remember that day well and more importantly, all the work trying to make a nice piece of bird taxidermy and to get to a level that stood a chance of getting any award.  Winning the Bird Competition with my Peregrine Falcon was a great milestone for me.

I now look back on the photo of the project and know it was not a great or even good piece, but luckily must have been the better item of bird taxidermy at the conference.  In reality, all my wins are just fair birds and I am still hoping to get to a stage where I can produce a good piece of bird taxidermy.

Taxidermy students now have a great head start of sound techniques and theories which were not available when I started.  I expect to see my students produce stunning work and embarrass mine; if you do not, you are letting your teacher and yourself down.  Go for it and take the lead in taxidermy in the UK and hopefully around the world.

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Weight 250 kg