Rainbow Trout


Part of a high quality taxidermy collection by Steve Massam.

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Taxidermy Rainbow Trout in a glass case.  It is leaping and suspended by a cast water splash.  Creating a 360° taxidermy project like this is very time consuming and is a credit to Steve's skill as both a taxidermist, sculptor and casting technician.

The moulds that Steve created for the trout is offered for sale separately.  A great insight into how to do complex casting and moulding.

It won the Wagstaffe Trophy and was 1st in the Trout Competition in 1988 at the UK Guild of Taxidermists' annual conference. 

Height 34cm
Width 43cm
Depth 30cm


Glass cases cannot be shipped and must be collected from us near Wetherby in West Yorkshire.

WE DO NOT SHIP INTERNATIONALLY.  However, we're happy for you to arrange collection and ship independently.


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