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Custom Made Display Wall Cases

To calculate the Price, simply add the total inches of your case ie. Length + Height + Depth and enter the total in the Qty field. For example, if your case is 12″ high, 10″ deep and 10″ wide, the total inches is 32″, so you enter 32 into the Qty box below and click Add to basket. We will contact you to confirm the size of the case. NB: Glass cases cannot be shipped. Collection only.

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Price is calculated in inches and by adding the three measurements together e.g.:

10" High + 10" Wide + 10" Deep (front to back) = 30" x the inch price £6.10.

To place an order, please work out your size and add the number of inches to the quantity field and add the sizes in the product size field.  If you have problems, please email and phone if you need more help.

Our cases are primarily for taxidermy mounts, but many have been sold for product display and antiques etc.

Sizes are custom-made for each case as required.


Minimum size of 22" - they look ok at this size; any smaller and they are not practical to make.

Maximum single side size of 48" as the cases get too large for the 2mm glass used.

Timescale to produce is about one to two months.

Delivery - collection is recommended or using a "man and van" style courier.

The case comes empty with bare chipboard or MDF for the base.  You can fit any base you wish or we can do this for you at an extra cost.

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Natural Colour, Standard Stained, Black

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