Taxidermy Conference 2013

Hobby falcon Best of Show

The Guild of taxidermy Conference 2013 and Taxidermy Competition Held this years conference and competitions again at the hays conference centre and the UK Taxidermy Competition, This meeting had Carl Church mounting a Buzzard, Pat Morris on Taxidermy History, Steve Toher Fox Manikins, Colin Scott on Groundwork, Kim McDonald on Taxidermy Law, Mike Gadd (me) Did the…

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Article Caged and Avery Birds

Interview with mike Gadd Taxidermist Caged and avery birds

This is an article published in the Well known bird breeders and keepers magazine “Cage and Avery Birds” it is just a simple about me and taxidermy article and focuses on UK bird taxidermy. The man who came to do the article Ron was a very knowledgeable person and was good to meet and discuss people…

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