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Data Storage
Data is password protected it is not sold or used to do anything other than communicate your order or to notify you about an update to a product.
We collect your mame address email phone number and past order details, If you return to this site is is nice to have your contact details stored to make like easier for you check an order statas alter your details complete a new order.


Card information is not stored on this site you will be transferred to a secure site to enter any such information, and have the option to return to the site.

Taxidermy Law

Due to the wildlife regulations we have to keep details of where a specimen came from how it died and where when and to whoom it was sold these records will be kept permanatly.

We collect some details that are needed to either make this site function or details are needed to ship a product.



Any download is for your own use only any distribution is not authorised.

Right to have your data removed just contact us and we will remove all digital records we legally can, we will not be able to contact you once data have been deleted.

This site runs under UK Law and all disputes are to be conducted via UK law in the UK.