Taxidermy Supplies and Suppliers

there are many items we as taxidermists use not all can be purchased through the standard supply companies, so I thought it would be good to have a list of useful addresses. Please let me know if you feel another company may be useful.

Glass/Acrylic Eyes for taxidermy

UK Suppliers:

  • Just Eyes
  • Hallett

European Suppliers:


World Suppliers:



JHT Supplies - UK Based

UK based good for a fast delivery, stocks some of the better eyes.


Watkins & Doncaster - UK Based

UK based Watkins & Doncaster have been supplying taxidermy bits n species but mainly concentrate on insects.

just eyes

Just Eyes - UK Based

This company stocks the Live eye range fast delivery for UK taxidermists.


Van Dyke's Supplies

Good selection of  Game head forms and many other great supplies ...

McKenzie Taxidermy Supplies

McKenzie Taxidermy Supplies

Wide range of supplies Game head forms eyes ...

Live Eyes for Taxidermy

This company make some of the best eyes in the world, many other companies stock these so you can get a quicker delivery. Just look for "Live Eyes" company name they also have another site  aimed more at the doll market.