Displaying Taxidermy on a Wall

Taxidermy Display
Taxidermy Display

If you’re like me, I’m continually changing stock and customer taxidermy items on display so that I need to drill new screw holes into the wall to secure the latest case or mount I’ve created.

This was starting to drive me mad as I was continually changing the screws in the wall.  I tried leaving a plug in the wall and just taking the screw out so that I could have a screw close to the previous screw, but I found that didn’t work with any great success.

Whilst on holiday in Hobart, Tasmania, we went to a restaurant called Ethos that had a really nice idea of displaying some items on a wall and I thought this might just work for very various taxidermy items in my hall.


The Wall Hanging Taxidermy System

taxidermy display idea

Measuring out steel

The system uses common steel reinforcing panel for concrete with approximately 6” squares.  So I had a panel dropped off by the local builders merchants, cut its size and fixed it to the wall.  I used some hefty screws and a small amount of wire just to make it stand off, then went to work adding the items to get them to sit where I want.  I made some small hooks out of 3.1 mm wire which seemed to suit strength wise for all the animals and bird cases I fixed.  As you can see, I have some items that need two fixing points, head mounts, wall mounts and wall cases with the standard fixing point.

Taxidermy Display

Cut the steel with bolt croppers or hacksaw

I have left the panel unpainted, but obviously it could be painted to blend in a little bit better with the wall.

I hope this is of interest as it would be suitable for other projects.

Now just need a better system for my workshop tools.

taxidermy workshop tools display

Taxidermy Work shop tools on wall mess

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