Competition Winners

This page is just some of the UK Taxidermy awards I have received over the years.  I have not competed in any European or USA shows which have a lot more entrants with much better quality work.

Taxidermy Golden Eagle

Bird Taxidermy Winner 2015

This Golden Eagle in a full flying pose managed to win the bird competition in 2015 as well as Best of Show.

Breakthrough Judges' Choice 2014

This Gyrfalcon won the Breakthrough Judges' Choice, but it lost the Bird Competition and came in 3rd.

Bird Taxidermy Winner 2013

This Hobby Falcon won the Bird Competition including Best of Show, Best Cased Item and Best Groundwork, and was awarded a Master credit.

Bird Competition Winner 2012

Bald Eagle sitting on branch.

Bird Competition Winner 2011

Grey Phase Gyrfalcon - flying mount.

Bird Competition Winner 2010

Kookaburra sitting on a branch.

Bird Competition Winner 2009

Gyrfalcon - immature bird on a reproduction sandstone rock.

Bird Competition Winner 2008

Gyrfalcon sitting on a rock with a hidden grouse.

Bird Competition Winner 1999

Golden Eagle sitting on a rock.

Bird Competition Winner 1992

My first UK Bird Taxidermy win - Peregrine Falcon chasing a Red Grouse.

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