Taxidermy Seminar 2012

Mike Gadd Demonstrating Squirrel Taxidermy

The Guild of Taxidermists held a seminar at Sutton Bonington this is one of the the mid year meeting we have. I did a demonstration on Grey Squirrel Taxidermy to promote the new Book “Beginner Small Mammal Taxidermy ” showing the flexibility of woodwool as a manikin medium. There is now an article on the Guild…

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Caged and Aviary Birds Article

Interview with mike Gadd Taxidermist Caged and avery birds

This is an article published in the well known bird breeders and keepers magazine, Cage and Aviary Birds.  It is just a simple article about me and taxidermy, focusing on UK bird taxidermy.  The man who came to do the article, Ron Toft, was a very knowledgeable person and it was good to meet and discuss the…

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Lifesize Mammoth

Mammoth Taxidermy

We had a request to do a lifesize mammoth.  The budget was very small and didn’t allow us to use an ideal species of hair as we would have liked and also spend the required time on the project that it realistically needed. This is my excuse for the poor quality of the project, but I…

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