UK Taxidermy/Birds/Hawks, Falcons, Eagles by UK taxidermist Mike Gadd

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Gyr Falcon - Falco Rusticolis
Flying in all galss Case Log No8512 A10-420240/03
Gyr Falcon - Falco Rusticolis
Dark Phase in all galss Case Log No8512 A10-420240/03
Gosshawk - accipiter gentillis Log No A10
Open Mount on Branch
Gyr Falcon Taxidermy Buzzard In flight taxidermy Buzzard in case
Gyr Falcon and Red Grouse Winner of the UK bird Taxidermy Competition 2008
The Bird also was awarded Best in Show.
Sold £2,100.00
Imature White Gyr Falcon
Winner of the 2009 UK
Bird Taxidermy Competition

Awarded Best in Show,
Best Ground Work and gained a Master credit.
Buzzard In flight in wall case
L og No 8217-268196-01
case measurements - wide 37" high 41" deep 12"
£700.00 Sold
American Kestrel
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Sparrow Hawk Taxidermy Sparrowhawk by Mike Gadd Taxidermy
Pair of Adult Merlins (falco columbarius) in octagonal glass case
Log No 8424-8425 Art 10 306719/02-306719/01
American Kestrel
Log No 8388
Log No 3495-214206/07
£325 SOLD

Log No 5813-233063/03

Gyr Falcon (dark phase) uk taxidermy Gyr Falcon (dark phase) taxidermy uk Tawny eagle Tawny eagle
Gyr Falcon (dark phase) Log No 8002
Second in the UK Bird Taxidermy Competition 2004
able to acquire another carcass and could therefore re-produce similar

Tawny Eagle
(aquila rappax)
Log No 8305

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UK Taxidermy Osprey by Mike Gadd UK Taxidermy Osprey by Mike Gadd
Osprey (pandion haliaetus) Log No 8350-296373/03--003200 Sold
African Whitebacked Vulture African Whitebacked Vulture head Bird of prey showroom
African Whitebacked Vulture Log No 8180
Sold £1,100.00
Some Taxidermy Projects on a good day in 2008

Bird Taxidermy in the UK by Mike Gadd

Gallerys: Gyr Falcon (grey phase) | Gyr Falcon (White Phase) | African Whitebacked Vulture | Osprey | Tawny Eagle | Merlins | Goshawks at nest |

buzzard Sparrowhawk

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buzzard on log on base
Art 10 No 316029/02 Sold

photo 2
Sparrowhawk chasing Yellow Hammer in glass case modeled by Mike Gadd
Art 10 No 316029/01
£375 SOLD

Bateleur Eeagle No #G011

Bateleur eagle (Terathopius ecaudatus) with relevant paperwork.

The price for the eagle inc. postage within the EU is £1,700 SOLD